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  • It is light, resistant and practical. It is the most compact version of the Cooltivo collection.

  • ​Its design is minimalist and functional, it uses high-quality recyclable materials.

  • ​The garden has a planting level where you can have between 4 and 6 plants.

  • ​The geotextile container allows good permeability.

  • ​It comes disassembled in a flat package that makes it easier to transport and stack.

  • It includes everything you need to assemble it simply and quickly from the first moment.

Garden at home Cooltivo Fixed

  • Dimensiones: 23 x 57 x 32cm    Peso: 1 .5kg

    Capacity: 23 liters

    ​Materiales:  Geotextil  / Acero cold rolled / aluminio

    Color: Black and white

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