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Mobile urban garden

Huerta Móvil

Original, beautiful and healthy for your home

A mobile, resistant and practical home vegetable garden that you can move easily thanks to its wheels.

It includes two planting levels where you can plant between 8 and 12 plants.

Its design is minimalist, functional and uses high quality, resistant and recyclable materials; its structure is made of teak wood or guadua harvested from a sustainably managed forest that positively impacts the lives of farmers in rural areas of Colombia.

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National and international shipments.

Shipping cost is calculated according to the destination

Assembled dimensions (cm): 106 x 65 x 53

RTA box dimensions* (cm): 7 x 81.5 x 65

Weight: 10kg

Capacity: 100 liters (top 34L and bottom 66L)

Materials: Bamboo Wood / Geotextile / Aluminum / Cold rolled steel / Polypropylene / stainless steel

Colour: Natural wood.

*Comes unassembled in a flat pack which makes it easier to transport and stack.

Designed and manufactured by hand in Cali - Colombia.

We produce on request.

*It comes disassembled in a flat packaging that allows it to be easier to transport and stack.

Designed and manufactured by hand in Cali – Colombia.

We produce to order.

Light and easy to assemble

It uses geotextile technology that preserves the necessary balance between air, land and water

Structure in bamboo of sustainable plantings

High strength safety lanyards

Mueble tipo RTA para cultivar en casa huerta en casa movil diseño sostenible de Kontento

Geotextile resistant to tearing and extreme temperatures

patent pending

Mobile, moves and brakes easily

Diseño Sostenible

We believe in sustainable design

We use

recyclable materials

We design with non-tropical woods

We use the least number of materials and parts.

We seek weight reduction, ease of transport and stacking

We use interchangeable parts,

repairable or salvageable components

We create experiences with everyday objects through ecodesign standards.

We support the transition towards a more sustainable and circular economy, we manufacture to order using local suppliers and workshops, wood from the region, durable and timeless materials, seeking that each designed piece has high resistance or repair capacity.


Icono de Kontento en geotextil
icono de kontento en aluminio reciclable
Icono de kontento diseño en bambu guadua
  • 100% recyclable in an unlimited way without losing qualities.

  • Lightweight and corrosion resistant

  • Low maintenance.

  • 100% biodegradable.

  • Natural antibacterial property

  • low carbon footprint

  • Regional wood, benefits local producers and generates alternative local economies

  • A fast-growing renewable resource, regenerates soils, controls erosion and regulates the water cycle

  • 100% recyclable, either in the form of industrial scrap (plastic waste from industries) or in the form of post-consumer waste.

  • Polymer, in presentation of geotextile and security rope.

  • Breathable, washable and recyclable material.

  • High mechanical resistance to perforation and traction.

  • Ideal material for working with soils, prevents erosion.

  • ​Stainless steel is 100% recyclable

  • Recycled content (both post-consumer and post-industrial) is used

  • Excellent mechanical properties


Wood - Bamboo
Guadua angustifolia Kunth



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