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  • Mobile, resistant and practical urban vegetable garden.

  • You can easily move it around, thanks to its wheels,

  • Includes two levels where you can plant between 8 and 12 plants

  • Geotextile containers allow excellent permeability.

  • It is made with bamboo harvested in a sustainably managed forest, which positively impacts the lives of growers in rural areas of Colombia.

  • ​Its design is minimalist, functional and uses high-quality recyclable materials.

  • It comes disassembled in a flat pack that makes it easier to transport and stack.

Garden at home Cooltivo Mobile

  • Dimensions

    Height: 105.5 Length: 65.4 Width: 54

    Weight: 8.1 kg

    Capacity: 80 Liters (23L above and 57L below)

    ​Materiales: Madera Bambú  / Geotextil  / Aluminio / Acero

    Color: Natural wood

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